Consulting & Projects Management

We can manage your IT Projects from through fruition. Our experienced staff has successfully implemented many projects for small and large organizations. Whether you want to deploy a new system or enhance an existing system, we can help you to choose the best solution that meets your business needs and budget.

  • Manage IT Projects
  • Application Deployment
  • Office Relocation

Government Applications

If you are thinking about improving your permitting and plan check processes, contact us to streamline the process for you. Our staff has many years of experience with Accela Automation and ProjectDox and can write scripts for you to make your processes run more smoothly and productively. We also can develop custom reports using Microsoft SSRS or Crystal Reports to provide you with data analysis when making critical decisions.

  • Land Management Solution: Accela Automations
  • Electronic Plan Check Solution: ProjectDox

Web Development

A well designed website can attract the attention of prospective customers, making your choice of web designers a very important decision. At PONGSOFT, we will design a website to your specifications and make it as unique as your business. Whether you need to revamp your corporate website, create internal websites for your Finance, HR, or Sales departments, build a customized web application for your business, or create an e-commerce website that sells your products online, PONGSOFT can do it all for you.

  • Web Design
  • Ecommerce

Custom Programming

Many times, packaged software does not adequately address your needs and it is wasting your time and money. PONGSOFT can write customize applications that are either web based or client/server based that will address your needs.

  • Application Development
  • Custom Web and Client Application Programming


Reports can help managers to oversee a company’s productivity, financial status, and other important information. PONGSOFT can create complex reports for you using Crystal Report and MS Access. We will work with you to determine your reporting requirements and get it done right for you.

  • Report Design: MS SQL Report, Crystal Report and MS Access

Graphic and Video

PONGSOFT has professional graphic designers who have done wonderful graphic designs and TV commercial videos for small and medium companies and government agencies.

  • TV Commercial Video
  • Graphic Design / Flyers / Restaurant Menus


We can setup affordable email clients and servers with anti-spam solutions for your corporation to communicate with your clients, vendors, and employees.

  • Corporate Email and Anti-Spam Solution

Antivirus and Antiphishing Solution

Computer viruses, spyware, and adware can greatly reduce the performance of your computers. We can prevent all these nuisances from intruding on computer and network with 24/7 protection.

  • Antivirus and Antiphishing Solution


PONGSOFT can help you build, improve, and support your network regardless of how complex your network it is. We can make your network run at its optimal speed by eliminating the bottleneck using the latest network solutions and performance monitoring applications.

  • Network Setup
  • Network Performance and Monitoring Solution

Remote Access

PONGSOFT can leverage the power of the internet to establish a remote solution for your business. Thinking about working at home, having video conferences with your clients, and remote into your PCs anywhere you like, PONGSOFT can help you to accomplish that.

  • Remote PCs
  • Video Conferencing Solution
  • VPN Access


We have experience with the setup of firewalls for small to large companies. We can help you secure your company’s data within your budget. In addition, we also can setup Active Directory for your company to make the authentication much easier and integrates it with your exchange and other systems. Additionally, we can setup webcams and security systems for your company, so you can monitor your business anywhere you like.

  • Firewall and Security Solution
  • Active Directory Implementation
  • Webcams and Security Systems

Data and Storage

At PONGSOFT, we can mange your databases such as MS SQL, ORACLE, or MS ACCESS. Also, we have experience with implementing SAN (Storage Area Network) solutions which give more flexibility to maintain and enable more effective disaster recovery processes. In addition, we can help you to setup automatic data backupto occur daily to prevent the loss of data.

  • Database Management / Database Design
  • SAN Storage Implementation
  • Data Backup and Recovery

Servers and Terminal Services

Our experienced staff can help you setup servers and configure them to ensure they are properly functioning and up and running. We also can provide you a terminal solution when you need to have multiple people to access a single licensed application.

  • Server Configurations: Mainframe, Unix, Linux, and MS Windows Server
  • Terminal Solution: Ctrix Implementation

Remote Support

We offer remote desktop support for our existing customers to provide immediate assistance when you have a problem.


Hiring a full time IT professional could cost you lots of money, especially when you only need he/she to do monthly maintenance or an update. PONGSOFT can handle this task for you for a very minimal charge that you can afford.